Recommended dog walking items from Amazon

Here are some items that might be good to have!

This is a great dog walking bag. You can attach a swiss army knife, you can hold the wundertube treat in the side, has lots of room for an umbrella, gloves, extra poopy bags, lots of pockets, and is not too big.

This is the best poopy bag dispensor – on the backside it has a little clip that holds your poopy bag until you get to a garbage can.

I am not a fan of the scented bags that come with the Earth rated bag dispensor above, so after that is empty here are some cheap and good quality poopy bags.

This is a great long lead so your dogs can play with the security of still having a leash.

And of course, everyone seems to have one of these Julius K9 harnesses. They are popular for a reason! Dogs like them, owners like them, you can’t go wrong.

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