Other dog items

First and foremost – cleaning agent!! Especially when your furbaby is in a new environment or potty training, they may go to the bathroom where they shouldn’t. You can’t just use bleach or another standard cleaning agent in the house because the urine will leave biologic agents that can only be cleaned by enzymes. Therefore you really must purchase a pet specific enzymatic cleaner, like the one below. Many people make the mistake of using a standard household cleaner because *they* can’t smell the urine anymore, but the animal still can so they might continue to mark that spot.

And my favorite money saver is a tip from my neighbor – buying the human incontinence pads instead of puppy pads. Sure, the incontinence pads don’t have the pheromones to ‘attract’ your puppy, but do you really want that?

And of course you need to have some sticky rollers to get rid of any pet hair. When the neighbor kids are done playing with the bunnies, they use these and pretend to be TSA.

Doctor Bark beds are often overlooked because they aren’t very cute (you seriously couldn’t use a cute chevron or damask pattern??) but they are very robust and CAN BE WASHED AT 95 DEGREES IN THE WASHING MACHINE!!! This is a top of the line hygenic bed. All the dogs staying with Mom & Dog seem to really enjoy this bed.

It is usually not such a good idea to bathe your dog often, but every so often they jump into a stinky pond and you have to bathe them. I use a horse shampoo and conditioner called Mane ‘n Tail (sometimes I use it myself as well). It leaves his fur really nice and soft, and even though he has sensitive skin it doesn’t bother him.

So we hear more and more about how dogs shouldn’t be taking stairs because it is bad on their joints or back. For smaller dogs, I love using a backpack to carry them around. The weight distribution is much nicer and easier to carry (and leaves you hands free!).

Everyone likes to ask and share which kind of dog food they use. I gave Einstein BARF until he was about 2 years old. Now I give him something that gives more consistent poopy and I feel better about environmentally.

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