My favorite dog toys on Amazon

It is really important to keep your dog mentally stimulated. A common complaint people have is that their dog destroys things. Sometimes a way to curb or eliminate that behavior is through toys.

A good starter toy that just encourages some fun scavenging is The Star. It is a passive toy (does not give a big reaction when dog interacts with it) so it is good for shy or anxious dogs.

Once your dog has gotten the gist of The Star, it is good to introduce a toy that helps to build the dog’s confidence. These toys are more active and responsive to the dog’s actions.

Brain games!!
Here are some really fun puzzle games that are sure to help you build that bond with your furbaby, help them build their confidence, and let them exercise that brain power!

At just 6 or 7 bucks, this toy packs a punch! The only downfall is that the bone-shaped levers are usually a target for the dog to bite, so it can incur a bit of damage.

The rest of these toys are a lot of fun. You can always change the size of the treats to make it easier or more difficult (in the beginning I highly recommend putting a lot of small treats so it is much easier for them to associate the intended behavior with treats).

The Preydummy – awesome for teaching a dog to ‘Fetch’! You put the treats inside of the bag (showing the dog to make sure he sees there are treats in there) and he can only get the treats when he returns the bag to you.

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