Keep your dog busy! Items available on Amazon

Being able to keep your dog busy is not only good for environmental enrichment, but it can also be used as a training tool. Need to teach your dog to go to cafes with you? These can help.

The classic Kong! I think one mistake people make is they just put kibble in the toy and the dog eats it very quickly. Varying the size of treats in the toy makes the dog work more, as well as using peanut butter or jogurt instead. I think the best is putting peanut butter or jogurt in the Kong, and then freezing it overnight. This is a blast for the dog! Consider getting lactose free jogurt, as many dogs have sensitivities to lactose.

Chewy snacks! Really good for the dog’s teeth, as well as keeping the dog busy (and maybe distracted from a lot of guests in the house).

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