2 month progress update on Edgar

About two months ago Edgar was showing his teeth and barking and growling at me, and now he wants to cuddle with me and gets excited anytime he sees me. The best part is that he has learned a great amount of self confidence and he can now socialize easily with other dogs and we are walking without a leash! We even went through the forest where he ran next to me on the bike without a leash! He is doing amazing and I am so proud of him and his parents who foster his success.

Guess the breed!

We are welcoming Bailey into the Mom & Dog fold; isn’t she gorgeous?! And she has a lovely personality to boot. Take a gander and guess the breed! She is certainly one of a kind! Answer is in the caption

She is an albino doberman!

Edgar’s first trip in the backpack!

Edgar in a backpack for the first time! He did AMAZING. He did not peepee, bark, or make a fuss. He is still finding the most comfortable way to sit but makes minimal movement while in the backpack going up and down stairs. This will make it much easier to take him up and down four flights of stairs while preventing back problems (so many dogs now are not encouraged to take stairs by the vet, to prevent problems with their back).